Buy from Oneprice


  • Find your vehicle

    Search our fixed price stock to find your required vehicle from the huge stock available for sale at the best price. One Price records are updated daily, so let us know about the vehicle that you are interested in buying so we can book it.

  • Get a quote and confirm the order

    We will be happy to ask you to get the free quote for the vehicle to understand the list of fixed-price stock. We will send you a proforma invoice with the total price of the vehicle to your destination port. If you agree with the prices, confirm your order.

  • Full payment

    Deposit full payment by telegraphic wire transfer, from any bank to our Japan bank account. After completing the payment, send us a copy of the telegraphic transfer as proof of payment. When payments are confirmed, we will send you confirmation by email.

  • Ready to send

    Once full payment is received, we will immediately begin export arrangements from the first available vessel. The required documents will be sent to you or your agent by courier a few days after that the ship leaves Japan to ensure that the documents are received on time.

  • Receive your vehicle

    Collect and register vehicles in your country with the documents received. A clearing agent can be hired to complete all import procedures and help you with the fees and taxes that will be paid while customs clearance is done. Comply with the procedures and enjoy your new vehicle.