12 Dec 2019
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When you enter a car dealership and perceive that smell of a new car, you should know that it is not accidental. Sensory marketing is becoming increasingly fashionable. Today at ZAMAN we will tell you how the smell of a new car came about, why it is used and how we can get it.

The smell in the manufacturing process

When a car is manufactured, we must take into account that in addition to all the elements that compose it, the glue and the sealing products that make the union between these elements possible, produce a characteristic smell, which varies depending on the type of car.

In the manufacturing process, these materials are left unstable, so they continue to release volatile organic compounds when we buy the car. These compounds gradually disappear in a process known as degassing, which occurs in the weeks after the acquisition of the vehicle.

The new car smell is then produced by the existence of about 50 volatile organic compounds, which include lubricating products, leather, vinyl, latex, gasoline vapours, among others. There are studies that maintain that all this mixture dissipates completely in three weeks, there has been a 90% decrease in these materials after this time. Time after which, this smell so successful among buyers would disappear.

That said, we come to a key question in this post, is the smell of a new car harmful to health? The truth is that it is not dangerous, because the amount of toxic particles that are derived from the manufacturing process are minimal. Except for a series of isolated cases over a decade ago, it is not worrisome. Although it is obvious, that the massive exposure to some substances that are released in the manufacturing, are harmful to the health, being able to cause nausea, dizziness and headaches. 

New car smell marketing

The brands have become aware of this situation, and are currently leaving this instability of the materials after manufacturing away, and are betting on products that make a reproduction of the original smell without resorting to the existing process.

This new car smell is haunted by brands and buyers because it is intrinsically related to the sale. Sensory marketing works to make the set of odors of the newly purchased vehicle intoxicating and perfect for the driver. The key is to find a smell that marks the balance between the set of odors in the vehicle. A unique smell that identifies smell and brand in a perfume.

Of our five senses, the one you remember the most is smell. We get to remember 35% of what we smell compared to 1% that we are able to remember with our eyes.

Finding a car smell, a brand, is a challenge for all manufacturers. Brand new something, is directly related in our mind with this type of odors, but not for that reason, it must be an attractive or healthy smell. The secretion of dopamine that we release when we are happy to release something, has managed to be related to this type of smell. And this is something that car manufacturers play with.

We can get it thanks to the new air fresheners with the smell of a new car. They have become a fad among drivers. Many second-hand car dealers impregnate their vehicles with this smell so that the user identifies it with novelty, instead of with use. There are sprayers that evoke the smell of leather, which try to emulate the odors produced by the castor and tar oil, which are the original components of real leather.

The olfactory market is in the lead in terms of the conquest of success, this battle of smells has only just begun. Do you like the smell of a new car?

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