Which is Better for Cars: Halogen vs LED
27 Dec 2019
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One of the points to consider when buying a car is to decide the type of lighting we want for it. There is a tendency to think that the last thing on the market is always the best, but thinking about it may not fit what interests us most.

The automobile market advances and along with it also the lighting systems that they mount advance.  In this article, we will put on the table the advantages and disadvantages of the systems that are currently available. 

Halogen lamps

We will start with the most common, halogen projectors. Its popular use is due to the simplicity of the lamp and its low cost. The price of these bulbs is not a great expense and you can replace the old ones with new ones if it is a bit tricky, always being careful not to touch the glass with your hands because the grease that remains when you touch them is very harmful to your useful life.

However, there is a point that is playing against the new systems that are coming to market, we are talking about their performance. The big problem with halogen bulbs is that much of the energy they consume is lost in the form of heat. 

Detailing the operation is better understood:

The halogen bulb consists of a high-temperature resistant glass ampoule with a tungsten filament inside and a mixture of gases, usually argon and nitrogen. Upon receiving current,  the filament reaches approximately 2,500 °C, becoming incandescent and emitting light, that heat translates into a loss of energy.

Keep in mind that headlights with halogen lighting can be present in two formats:

The first is the most widespread and has the internal walls composed of a material that refracts the light and in a way makes a more powerful beam of light conform. 

LED headlights

At an intermediate point between the two types of lamps already described, we find the LEDs. Light-emitting diodes that came stomping due to their small size and low consumption.

Although its beam of light does not reach the height of the xenon headlights, the LED lighting is becoming increasingly stronger among manufacturers. In large part by allowing some designs of lights impossible to do so far with conventional bulbs.

The small size of the LEDs allows them to be grouped in ways impossible to carry out with the lighting systems that existed until now.

In addition, if we take into account that more and more hybrid and electric vehicles are coming to market, a sector in which each watt is crucial, LED luminaires are almost a must.


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